Postcard kiosk

Simple, fast and eye-catching, this postcard kiosk will be the main attraction at any event. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it can be set up almost anywhere – hotels, museums, national parks or a seaside promenade, all that’s required is a power outlet.


Create a personalized postcard with your picture, custom motif and greeting text in a matter of seconds!


A simple 3 step process is all that’s needed:

  • Have your picture taken by a 12 MP DSLR camera,
  • Choose from a number of postcard templates and further customize them,
  • Print the desired postcards in only 8 seconds/postcard
postcard kiosk


Specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, with a touch based interface, so that anybody can use it – children, adults or the elderly.


Postcard kiosk screenshots
 Starting screen Language selection screen
Starting screen Language selection
Photograph selection screen pcs4b
Photograph selection Postcard customization and selection

*Product images are for illustration purposes only
Standard translations include 9 different languages: english, german, croatian, italian, russian, slovenian, czech, slovak and polish, but others can be added as needed.

As it’s designed for public areas it’s robust metal casing is powder coated for extra durability and encases industry grade electronics, touch screen, high quality camera, PC, printer and money acceptors.

For further details see specifications.